真是有点不厌其烦,WordPress再次升级发布3.1.1。 官方称此版本修复大大小小问题三十几项,其中感觉最重要的是修正了对IIS6的支持,之前很多使用WIN主机的用户无法升级使用WordPress3.1,严重的BUG,估计也是这次升级的主要原因,建议升级到该版本。


WordPress 3.1.1 is now available. This maintenance and security release fixes almost thirty issues in 3.1, including:

* Some security hardening to media uploads
* Performance improvements
* Fixes for IIS6 support
* Fixes for taxonomy and PATHINFO (/index.php/) permalinks
* Fixes for various query and taxonomy edge cases that caused some plugin compatibility issues

Version 3.1.1 also addresses three security issues discovered by WordPress core developers Jon Cave and Peter Westwood, of our security team. The first hardens CSRF prevention in the media uploader. The second avoids a PHP crash in certain environments when handling devilishly devised links in comments, and the third addresses an XSS flaw.

We suggest you update to 3.1.1 promptly. Download 3.1.1 or update automatically from the Dashboard → Updates menu in your site’s admin area.

Our release haiku:

Only the geeks know
What half this stuff even means
Don’t worry — update

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